echo internet

echo telecoms offers a full range of internet solutions reserved exclusively for businesses, from superfast fibre to highly portable 4G mobile broadband services.

Internet services reserved for businesses

Whether you need a full fibre 300mbps service for a staffed office or a standard ADSL2+ broadband connection into your home office, all of our connectivity solutions are designed exclusively for businesses. This means you don’t contend for bandwidth with high volumes of consumers on overpopulated networks. We only connect businesses like yours to our high-speed internet infrastructure.

Solutions designed to work anywhere

We know your work could take you anywhere but that you need to connect reliably, simply and at impressive speeds. Tethering smartphones to laptops and other devices is far from elegant, often unreliable and risks exceeding mobile data bundles designed only to serve smartphones.

Our 4G Data Tower service delivers high-speed mobile broadband with cost effective data bundles up to 300GB per month. You can also use this with our Data Tower router, which provides a local Wi-Fi network for up to 20 other devices – ideal for temporary sites.

Competitive pricing combined with one point of contact

Your contract, account set-up, billing, invoicing and customer support is all managed in-house, in the UK with no external intervention. The echo telecoms team handle everything from account changes to billing queries to customer support, saving you the time and hassle of navigating between different suppliers. You can also manage and control your costs through our advanced customer portal.

Given the scale of the Radius Group, we leverage our enterprise buying power enabling you to benefit from competitive prices and broadest choice of networks and carriers.